F.Cuz’s Schedule

*All times are in KST.
28 June –  4 july 2010

28 June 2010, Monday
[BROADCAST] MBC Every1 Hot-Blooded Force (JinOn) 6PM
[RECORDING] KBS2 Star Golden Bell (JinOn)
[RECORDING] SBS Star King (LeeU, Kan, YeJun)
29 Jun  2010, Tuesday
[RECORDING] MTV Idol United (JinOn, Kan, LeeU)

30 June 2010, Wednesday
[RADIO BROADCAST] KBS 2FM Kaen’s Mr. Radio (JinOn) 2PM

1 Jul 2010, Thursday

2 Jul 2010, Friday

3 Jul 2010, Saturday
[BROADCAST] MTV “Idol United” (JinOn, LeeU, Kan) 11Pm

4 Jul 2010, Sunday

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