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[PICS] 220610 F.CUZ with Taiwan celebrity Xiao Tian Tian

Credits: 小甜甜无名 + FCuzSG


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[PICS] 190610 F.CUZ (JinOn and LeeU) at LUXY Pre-party

Credits: luxy website + FCuzSG

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[NEWS] 190610 F.Cuz banned from having relationships

Source: Nownews
Translated by: Ham@F.Cuz Singapore

F.Cuz arrived in Taiwan on 18th June, to prepare for their fanmeet on the 20th. On the press conference, the boys sadly said that the company has banned them from having a relationship,so they can only be envious of couples around them.

Having a height of around 180cm, Leader Jinon, lead singer LeeU, dancer Kan, maknae Yejun debuted 6 months ago. With hot songs like Jiggy and No One, they captured the hearts of asian fans very quickly.

As they have an average age of 19, their company quickly banned them from having a relationship. On the press conference, the members said in a jokingly manner: Our boss is very strict, already has white hair ! and he looks totally like a tiger. If he found out we are having a relationship, i think he will throw us down from Taipei 101. So we can only admire the couples for now.


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[FANCAM] Taiwan Fanmeet LeeU Focus

Credits: NAOTaiwan @ fcuz official daum cafe


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[FANCAM] Taiwan Fanmeet LeeU+YeJun

Credits: CottonCandy @ fcuz official daum cafe + herohouse0126 @ YT

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[UPDATE+CY] 060610 YeJun’s Cyworld Diary Entry

Credits: YeJun’s Cyworld + ENG Translations by Adi

2010.06.06 15.56

Fanmeeting in Taiwan

6/20 Sun 4.00PM


We F.Cuz will be doing our first fanmeeting in Taiwan~! It will be our first fanmeeting, I’m excited meeting our overseas fans and I wanna meet all of our fans as soon as possible~! ^^ Please look forward to it a little longer ^^

I wanna have a fanmeeting in Korea soon too~ㅠㅠ Always appreciate the infinite care and love from our Korean Fans to us, thank you! we’ll put in more effort to meet you quickly, F.Cuz will work hard ^^ Thank You ♥

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[PLURK] F.Cuz members posts on Plurk!

Credits: F.Cuz Plurk + f-cuz.com


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