[NEWS] 140510 Fcuz shakes butt while looking for Yaoyao`s subsitute

May be taken out with full credits. Please do not edit.
Source: Seed Music Taiwan
Translated by: Ham@F.Cuz Singapore

Korean Pop Group F.Cuz with the assist of senior Yaoyao (Guo Shu Yao) sang the chinese version of JIGGY. In the MV, the way they dance is admirably cute and receives lots of love from the fans, attracting taiwan fans to imitate their dance. Taking advantage of the situation, the company organized a [Searching for JIGGY GIRL] contest , the winner will replace Yaoyao and perform with the boys on stage. For more information on the contest Seedmusictw.

DVD highlights
In their latest album, it consists of NO ONE and the chinese version of JIGGY , its also has a “Behind the scenes” video on them when they arrived at taiwan. Leader Jinon used a funny way to recommend their album by saying ” Want to see me dance JIGGY while wearing a tank top? its all in the DVD! ” Maknae Yejun , pretending to be frightened said ” Did you revealed ?!” and it cause everyone to have a laugh.

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