140410 Male idols form Idol Soccer Team

Source: Newsen
Chinese translation: summerccc @ MBLAQ China
English translation: bibimbap @ absolutemblaq

As World Cup is just around the corner, the nation’s idol stars gathered and formed an idol soccer team.

Global Music Entertainment Channel MTV announced the production of Idol United. MTV has joined forces with idol groups MBLAQ, U-Kiss, ZE:A, F.Cuz, D-NA, forming an idol soccer team to compete with existing soccer teams in the country, creating a challenging new reality show.

The confirmed members of this idol soccer team are MBLAQ’s Seungho, Lee Joon, Mir, U-Kiss’ Eli, Alexander, Kiseob***, ZE:A’s Jung Heechul, Park Hyungsik, Kim Dongjoon, F.Cuz’s Jinon, LeeU, Kan, and D-NA’s Karam, Hyunmi, Injoon. These members are chosen based on their huge interest in soccer in their respective groups.

Currently, the fixed and reserved players have not been decided. Each member’s position is still in discussion. It is predicted that team members will exchange positions during the show.

The coach leading them will be someone who loves ‘the deadly army soccer’, comedian Yoo Sangmu. The team’s manager is singer-actor Song Eun, as the relief captain and various roles. Also, MBC ESPN’s soccer commentator, Jung Hyowoong, will appear as the show’s commentator.

The MC for each episode of Idol United is charismatic original idol, Moon Heejun. Everyone will see his impressive hosting skills.

The show is currently accepting applications from tertiary students or soccerteams who are interested to challenge Idol United. Applications will close on June 20th and five teams will be chosen for the show.

From the production staff who created shows like School Attack and MTV24, Lee Songgyu said, “Idol United aims to attract young people who are interested in soccer and also encourage them to chase after their hopes and dreams.”

Idol United is expected to air six episodes starting May 22nd.

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