[CY] 280410 Jinon’s Cyworld Diary Entry + Comments

Ooooh! JinOn has cyworld too! 😀 Now all the members have cyworld!! :DD Yay!

Credits: JinOn’s Cyworld + translated by xing @ FCuzSG

2010.04.28 Wednesday 18:14

I’ll start trying cyworld..

LeeU’s comment (2010.04.28 18:24):
Good~ I can take pictures with my dica+ _+

Jinon’s reply (2010.04.28 18:25):
Wow good king wang jjang

*It’s kinda hard to translate jinon’s reply but ‘King wang jjang’ basically means ‘the best’
*dica = Digital Camera

LeeU’s comment #2 (2010.04.28 18:31) :
ㅋㅋ I’ve been watching for a long time~~

Jinon’s reply (2010.04.28 18:34):
That’s so-so…. Loo~k at me once…It’s the best here.

LeeU’s reply #3 (2010.04.29 00:30):
Wow! Good! Passed 430 today~ King Wang Jjang!!

*#2. LeeU’s singing to Monday Kiz ‘Scattered’ song (hanchameul bogo isseojyo)
*I have no idea what Jinon’s talking about =P
*#3. I supposed he’s talking about jinon’s cyworld views..

Jinon’s reply (2010.04.28 22:20):
As the title is ‘Scattered’.. I actually like ‘Why Did You’ more too..

*Not sure of translation, but he’s referring to both Monday Kiz songs.

Yejun’s comment (2010.04.29 02:51):
Wow a celebrity …ㅎㄷㄷ

LeeU’s reply(2010.04.29 11:28):
ㅎㄷㄷ.. King Wang Jjang.. Wow! Good!

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