270410 F.Cuz speaks mandarin, Yao Yao supports by assisting in singing

Source: Yahoo! Taiwan
Translated by: Xing@ FCuzSG

South Korea rookie group F.Cuz will be releasing a Chinese single. Seed Music expressed that in order to sing well for Chinese version of ‘Jiggy’, 4 members used up 3 days to memorise the Chinese lyrics, and at the same time collaborated with Yao Yao (Guo Shu Yao), hoping they will be able to perform in the whole of Asia.

‘Jiggy’ is F.Cuz’s debut song, therefore to break into the Chinese music industry, changing ‘Jiggy’ into a Chinese version was decided. Seed Music stated that the Korean agency has long ago arranged F.Cuz to attend Chinese lessons, but the 4 members still spent 3 whole days to memorise the Chinese lyrics.

In the process of learning Chinese, leader Jinon was also hospitalized due to abdominal pain. Seed Music said that Jinon was admitted into the hospital a day before the vocal producer arrived in Seoul. As it was impossible to change a schedule, a professional was sent to the hospital to teach him Chinese. Fortunately, Jinon was in time to discharge from the hospital, catching up with their vocal schedule.

This time Yao Yao was specially invited to help out with the singing. However, F.Cuz did the recording in Seoul, while Yao Yao was in Taipei instead. Although they were unable to meet up with senior Yao Yao, Seed Music expressed that F.Cuz went online specially to watch Yao Yao’s MV and also learnt Yao Yao’s ‘Ai De Bao Bao’. And once Yao Yao listened to their singing, she said that F.Cuz’s Chinese pronunciation is very cute.

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