180410 100 days debut, Korea ‘Flower Boys’ F.Cuz turns manly

Credits: libertytimes.com.tw + xing @ FCuzSG

It is Korea ‘Flower Boys’ group ‘F.Cuz’ 100 days of debut. Dressing up in colourful costumes and dancing wildly in the first hit ‘Jiggy’, they shook off the youthful and cute image for their new song music video, ‘No One’. Once again, cooperating with Korea’s famous director Hong Wongi, a black-and-white concept has been created for the four members, showing off a brand new cool and manly image. The director complimented even more on their heights, appearances, dance and songs which are all very outstanding and that they are a talented group which is rarely seen in the recent years.

In order to present a tough guy image in ‘No One’, the director requested for their jaw lines to be ‘agile’. To shoot this music video, the four members of F.Cuz lost 4-5kg of weight. F.Cuz LeeU said, “We have always wanted to film a manlier feel. ‘No One’ has an extremely addictive melody and it’s very suitable to bring out the manly feel.”

Leader Jinon said, “Our image this time round is a shiny and black group concept. A little dark and adding on some unusual charisma, it has an obvious change compared to the first single ‘Jiggy’. There is a very powerful feeling in the song and has a very addictive melody. Compared to the cute image, it seems that this can even show off a tougher guy image to everyone.”

F.Cuz Korea imported mini album ‘No One’ is already up on sale in Taiwan. ‘No One’ music video Chinese lyrics version will be broadcasted on Channel [V] tomorrow for three days.

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