[NOTICE] F.Cuz Debut 100 Days!

Everyone should know that it’s F.Cuz’s 100 day in the entertainment industry since their Debut on January 8!


Let’s all congratulate F.Cuz on their 100th day anniversary since debut! XD

Congratulations F.Cuz! 😀

Happy 100th Day anniversary~!



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3 responses to “[NOTICE] F.Cuz Debut 100 Days!

  1. adorkablecookie

    cant believe it~!!!!

    happy 100th day F.CUZ~!
    hope theres more to come~!!!

    we love you♥


  2. sAisHi_LainE


    W0rk sucks.. I alm0st forg0t that it’s our b0ys 100th day anniversary!

    Jin0n, LeeU, Kan and Yejun.. Happy 100th day! I want to thank y0u for always putting a smile on my face everytime i think of y0u guys.. Thanks 4 sharing y0ur talent and music with y0u.. I pr0mise to stick with this fand0m.. F.Rever! F.Cuz himnae! F.Cuz saranghae!..

  3. sAisHi_LainE

    Lol.. typo.. i mean ‘sharing y0ur talent and music with us..’

    and thanks to y0u adiana for all the updates!^^

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