[CY] Kan’s Cyworld updates

Credits: Kan’s Cyworld + translation by Adi

110410 16:51

제가 보고싶은 꽃은 꽃이아니에요 나의 벗 제 친구에요

My ‘Kkeot’ that I missed does not mean flower. My ‘Beot’ is my friend.

110410 01:33


I want to see the cherry blossoms.

Yejun’s comment:
Let’s go see it together (2010.04.11 01:44)
Kan’s reply:
kol (2010.04.11 01:45)

So, what Kan is trying to say in his 01:33 entry is that he misses his friend.

That’s why he added another entry to explain his previous entry. 🙂

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