[VID SUBBED] F.Cuz – Seduced by Yao Yao’s huge chest?!

Hey guys. Surprising news here! D: I guess it’s up to you guys to decide whether they are just scandals or whatever.

Article credits: MiMi @ FCuzed

Vid credits: fcuzsg

The 19 year old Yao Yao just recently became Korean idol group F.cuz’s sunbae, and yesterday, the 4 flower boys whose average age don’t even exceed 20, have arrived at Taiwan. While they doing their photoshoot, they took off some time to dine with their sunbae Yao Yao, and the whole time they were peeking at Yao Yao’s size 32E breasts. The member that Yao Yao thought was the best looking was leader Jinon, and when Jinon was asked if he liked this type of “baby face with big boobs” girls, he screamed out “of course!”

*Irrevelant Paragraph*

To bribe their sunbae, F.cuz had all gotten their cheat sheets ready, showing off their conversational Chinese skills to Yao Yao. Yao Yao said: “I should prepare cheat sheet sheets next time too.” After knowing that Yao Yao has never been to Korea, 20 year old Lee U said: “I’ll take you to Nam Sang Temple next time, many couples have their dates there.”

When asked which member was the best looking, Yao Yao shyly pointed at the 21 year old leader Jinon. Although Yao Yao covered her 32E breasts tightly with her clothes, Jinon was still caught frequently eying her nice curves a few times. Jinon admitted: “Because I had a hat on, I could eye her secretly.” Even the youngest member Ye Jun, who’s only 18, had been caught having his eyes linger around her chest. About Yao Yao’s appearance, the members praised her strongly, saying that she was “really cute”.
Yao Yao felt that due to the language barrier, it was hard communicating with F.cuz. When asked why not use English, she said: “I can understand a bit English, but can’t really speak it.” When asked if she wanted to pick out her boyfriend from F.cuz, she shyly stated that “you know I don’t choose boyfriends by their faces”. *The rest were irrevelant*

Jinon's stare focuses on Yao Yao's chest.

Ye Jun's eyes kept stopping at her chest.

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