[FANACCOUNTS] F.Cuz’s secret trip to Taiwan

Wooo! Words got out that our F.Cuz boys are now in Taiwan! It’s a secret trip! Hahah! Let us now read the fan accounts! 😀

Credits: translated by xing + FOCUS.TW ♥ F.CUZ Taiwan Forum

Pictures removed for privacy matters.

Repost with full credits.

By raymie

Hello everyone XD

Hopefully this secret trip will not cause the agency
to get whacked after I announce this!!!!!!!
they came to Taiwan secretly
and coincidentally they were seen by my friend (huge laughter)
called me immediately that moment

heyhey !!!!!!!!! That F.cuz came to Taiwan!

I was screaming at that instantXD
Still wanted to say that it was already 9PM plus
Would that be another April fool’s jokeXDD

They went to make spectacles
and also went to buy shoes
and drank bubble tea

Sigh~if not for my father who blocked the house gate
I could also rush straight to find them

But I am still unable to understand
why is it secretive><
I want to see LeeUXDDDD
Popularity isn’t that high yet so they should have promote a lot

Okay~that’s all
There should be news reports soon

by 包子
Yesterday I went to shop at Xi Men Ding
I saw 4 really tall-looking boys
I shall be honest and say at that time I didn’t know they were the cute F.Cuz~
but from the start I have been listening to their songs :D
Anyway Jiggy is really great! This is out of topic haha
I knew about it after asking the camera man
Because the manager was very strict
So I had to stood from afar to take a few shots :(
There’s a photo of 4 members which is blurred = =

But because of this I realised how cute these few boys are
Kan is actually very friendly :>
still went to touch a passerby’s doggy
Really wanted to be that dog that instant = =…. (hey
There are also many passerbys at the side who kept asking who they are haha
LeeU was so cute saying a phrase ‘Follow me’
Really cute kids
But attention was still on Yejun
This photo really made me smile for a long time
But it is blurred…

Although it’s sideview but I’m really touched to see that it’s all 4 members

Cute Kan and Yejun

Afterwards they boarded a car and left

Everyone I’m sorry for not taking good photos… 😥

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