[HELP] Please for this blog, and one other thing… :)

Hey readers!

I’ve recently put up a voting button from Diromo Top List site. 🙂

Please help to vote on this blog if you like the updates posted up daily here!

And you can only vote once a day.

How do we vote?

Just go ahead and click on that voting button at the left sidebar, and you’ll be directed to here:

Just click on “Enter and vote”.

You’ll be re-directed to Diromo’s F.Cuz Top List page. When you reach there, you’re done! 😀

And currently, this blog is ranked 10! We’re in the top 10!

Please help us up to the top! Thanks!

Oh and one other thing, school will be starting in a week or so for me, so i’ll have less time to source for updates of our boys. And with the time that my other forums have taken up, I need a fellow blogger or translator who could help me with the updates.

If you’re interested, or have any inquiries, feel free to comment under this post! 🙂

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One response to “[HELP] Please for this blog, and one other thing… :)

  1. adorkablecookie

    congrats adiana~

    your blog is
    now in rank 8

    and thanks for the updates~^^


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