[CYWORLD] LeeU’s Message!

Credits: translated by Adiana.

Original message:

사진첩을 대량 업데이트 할수있게 되었어요!!+ _+
많이 많이 퍼가주시궁.. 저희 F.cuz 많이 사랑해주세요!!
앞으로 자주자주 들어올꺼예요~~!!^^*
I can finally bulk update all my photo albums!!+_+
Please take a lot.. Please give us F.Cuz lots of love!!
Come in here often~~!!^^*


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2 responses to “[CYWORLD] LeeU’s Message!

  1. cashie

    Thank you so much for sharing~ ^^
    This entry is so cute ^^ ❤
    Can anyone pleeeeeease give the links to his and Kan's CY's?
    I would be so so so sooooo grateful ^^;;

  2. Eason

    I want a Hard Album copy of Jiggy. 😦

    Anyways thanks for sharing ^_^

    Hope to learn to understand Hangul soon, so I can join their Cyworld.

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