Hot! Debut Diary — Jinon Part 2

News Credits: Asiae News
English Translation: Popo@FCuzed
Chinese Translation: likemoon

No matter how you look at him, Jinon possesses a strong build. Until 7th grade, his life was focused on soccer because he dreamed of joining the England Premier League’s Manchester City Youth Club, (it was #1 in the soccer league). His real strength was extraordinary after coming back from studying abroad, but because he felt the strong pressure, he decided to follow his parent’s good wishes of him studying at an Arts High School.

“If I decided to study at Moon Gye High School, they would soon realize that I’m not good at studying. Haha. Because I didn’t have any interest in acting then, during the skill testing time, I didn’t know what to do. The day of the test, when I arrived at An Yang Arts High School’s entrance, I had no plans whatsoever of how to say Romeo’s longest lines. After memorizing many lines and participating in the test, I was luckily accepted.”

Once he was admitted, the team he joined was “Black Box”, the “legendary” An Yang High School dance team that had been well known, since it was created by World Star Rain. With good looks and good dancing skills, the “An Yang High Kwon Sang Woo” nickname came to being. Actually, there were many students who became popular stars from this school, and it was here that he became good friends with B2ST’s Yong Jun Hyung. They auditioned together and dreamed of becoming singers.

’An Yang High’s Kwon Sang Woo’ and the ‘original Kwon Sang Woo’ first met in 2009 during the filming of “Cinderella Man”. Because Jinon was already becoming an actor through becoming popular by his appearance in SBS’ “Real Games”, the “real” Kwon Sang woo ended up meeting him.

Once Kwon Sang Woo saw him, with a knowing look he said, “So the friend who looks me like me is you, huh?” Although Jinon secretly felt that it was a great occasion, Kwon San Woo sharply reprimanded him.

“Don’t always bring up that you look like Kwon Sang woo, being like me is definitely not going to help you move forward (improve) in any positive way. You have to find your own charm and live with your failures and success. Only then will you truly be worthy (in the entertainment business).”

Just like a person who wished to live in anonymity, his blushed in embarrassment. Although the words were sharp and hurtful, the words were of sincern concern and were advice for him. To Jinon, these words were a remedy that money cannot buy.

During that time, Jinon also acted in SG Wannabe’s “Parting Song” music video with the “Pink Love” T-ara’s Eun Jung.

“At that time, I was preparing to become a super star and Eun Jung was preparing to be in T-ara. We spent 7 days and 6 nights to film at Hwa Gye Jang. We shared the same hardships and worries, even the staff felt that we looked really good together and told us to date. But if I wanted to date, I would’ve dated her a long time ago. Haha. Right now we are truly only in a brother-sister type of relationship.”

Jinon is just like his nickname ‘smooth and slick’; on MBC’s radio show “Park Kyung Lim Starry Night” show, he served as the DJ for one day and in MBC’s “A Man Called God” show, he acted as a man who courted Yoo In Young, etc. He is currently the member that has the most activities.

“For the first time after my activity, there were many netizens who were abusive towards me. Although I was very worried, I became indifferent later on, haha. Frank in whatever he says and however he acts, Jinon said smiling, “It doesn’t matter if I am a singer or an actor, I just want to keep on going, furthermore, I want to continue moving on with our brother-like F.cuz members.”

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