Hot! Debut Diary — Jinon Part 1

News Credits: Asiae News
English Translation: MiMi@FCuzed
Chinese Translation: likemoon

“With our singing career, if we debut or whatever, let’s just do it!”

Leader Jinon looked at the members in their eyes. Three months before their debut, October 2009, their stress and tiredness have reached the peak. Although they have been practicing for two years just to achieve their dreams of being on stage, it wasn’t what they expected. The four members have all gotten sick together, and it was really tiring. But because debut is right around the corner, they must double the amount of practice, and all the hardships must be withstood no matter what. The rest of the members agreed with Jinon’s words.

On a morning where everyone was still asleep, the members packed all their stuff and called a taxi. They escaped from their dorm without any plans, and although they made up their mind of running away, they spent all their money on the very first day. They had to spend the rest of their days from reality in Jinon’s friend’s house. However, after their parents’ and the company’s non-stop persuasion, their journey of “escape” ended on the very third day.

At last F.cuz debuted on Music Bank with JIGGY on January 8th. Because the song had a catchy beat and good melody, when the single was released, they received an explosion of good feedbacks.

“How I finished the stage that day, how I grabbed my microphone, I have absolutely no impression of it. I felt mixed up, but because I did better than expected, I want to give myself 80 points, haha.”

Actually, Leader Jinon has already showed his face to the public a long time ago.

In 2005 on the SBS program “Truth Game”, Jinon attended the show acting as Kwon Sang Woo’s cousin. In a month after his appearance in that show, his name flooded the search rankings on various online sites. He had gotten a lot of positive attention, and various famous entertainment companies have got in contact with him. He felt like he could be a superstar soon.

“One day when I was at a café chatting with my friend, I took a glance at the mirror on the side, and realized that my face was full of pride and arrogance. I was extremely surprised why I was even like that. I slapped myself on the face and told myself that even if I do succeed in the future, I will never be like that ever again.

In July 2005, everything went well and Jinon started his trainee days with the new Mnet boys group Cho Shin Sung, but the training days did not go on like how he expected. Due to the fact that several members were not getting along and other arising problems, he decided to drop out.

“Because I was still really young, this was a big shock to me and was hard to deal with. To make it simple, it was then that I learned about the bitter taste and the hardships of being an adult. After I dropped out, I was in a state of depression and was really scared to communicate or even get near people. I was anorexic but at the same time also going through the binge eating disorder, my life was like living hell.”

Jinon, who had to seek medical help in the hospital, is the same Jinon that his company manager now sees as a ray of light shining through the dark. And there he started his “second” life. When he was preparing for F.cuz’s debut, because he looked a lot like Kwon Sang Woo, Jinon had the chance to act in Cinderella Man. Although he got the name “An Yang Ye Go Kwon Sang Woo”, it was the first time that he met Kwon Sang Woo in person, and because the “real” Kwon Sang Woo had said a sentence to him, he still feels the tickling feeling through his body even till now.

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