F.Cuz LeeU① “To me, father Sul Woon Do is..”

Credits: anju1015@asiae.co.kr
Translated by: xing@F.Cuz Singapore

On 12 February 2010, after the broadcast stage of KBS2 New Year Special ‘Music Bank’, his face was perspiring like the rain. Breathing heavily, he caught a glimpse of his father at the side. “By any chance is this not a dream?” The longing dream ‘image’, this minute, the reality has unfolded on this stage. leaving goosebumps all over from head to toe.

With a delicate appearance, singing ability and artistic talents, the reason to receive such passionate attention, he has already become famous before the debut of 4-member group F.Cuz in January.

“King of Trot” Sul Woon Do being the father, be it good or bad, has been gaining popularity. During the days in high school, on MBC show “Sunday Sunday Night” secret camera segment of Sul Woon Do’s episode; guiding and performing, it was very natural for everybody to recognize him. After the broadcast, he became the first ranking on internet search portals with “Sul Woon Do’s uljjang son”.

However, having a father who is a famous singer might not be good. All the more when he was young, he disliked it very much. The time when the whole family gathered was only a day in a year; That was during Christmas eve.

All the five family members went to Myung Dong together to eat Chungmu Kimbab and went into Myung Dong church to take a picture. This was the only annual family gathering. Just this time, he did not have common eat-outs even for once, neither could he get a warm eye contact with his father. He had a hatred towards the job of a singer.

“That time, if becoming a singer, I thought that it would also be difficult to meet the son. Besides, my father’s genre is trot, friends kept mocking at father’s hairstyle and stage clothing. With a childish mind, this kind of father was very shameful and I felt embarrassed. Therefore, I didn’t want my father to appear near the school and of course angrily told him not to attend the school graduation ceremony.”

He was envious of friends who have ordinary fathers. Because he felt hostility towards his busy father, he often showed temper. Meeting with an accident after secretly taking the scooter out for a ride, he even sold away his father’s gold ring for the repair cost.

“That time, at the recent appearance together on SBS ‘Bungeobbang’, the selling of gold ring story was the first time that I told. Until that time, my father didn’t know about the truth of the missing gold ring. Because of this impact, now he still couldn’t sleep well. I’m sorry.”

First year of junior high, the story of the days when he was still naïve. Entering the adolescent period, friends started to dress up and have dreams, but LeeU did not have interest towards anything. He did not have conversations with friends nor dress up himself. He also did not have any dreams.

Then one day, his father had a performance in Busan Haeundae and he was brought along. The moment he saw his father’s stage performance, it was as if he got struck on the head, whole body coiled around by a storm, feeling spaced out.

Awww LeeU, at least you found you way here. 🙂

What a touching story.


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