[TRANS MSG] From Kan! :D

Translated by: xing@FCuz Singapore
**Do not take out without permission.

Isn’t it lonely these days, I’ve brought 3 pieces of news!!

Hello everyone this is Kan.
Haven’t been writing messages like this ah ah ah ah
haven’t been here for a long time but the first piece of news is a sad one ㅜㅜ heuk
Since a few days ago, Jinon hyung has been saying that he’s unwell unwell unwell unwell and then he’s really ill!
In the end it’s appendicitics* heok… Even though he’s that unwell, Jinon hyung still wanted to complete the performance towards the end (recalling back when my ankle was hurtㅜㅜ heuk)
Great fighting spirit (touched.. ㅜㅜ) but… if the appendix bursts, isn’t it dangerous ;;?
Therefore, the chief and the director and the manager hyungs abducted him to the hospital by force
So the situation was settled like that…
Now the M! Countdown stage is left with LeeU hyung, me and Yejun…
this is really nervous my soul is now in Andromeda
heuheukheuhuek Why is it like this I miss my mom
Anyway, hope Jinon hyung will recover faster, please pray for him everyone!!
Hyung please recover fast !! We will do our best for this period of time to cover up hyung’s position!!!
Please come back soon Mr. Leader ♡

Well the next piece of news!!!!!
F.CUZ No One mini album today!!! Todaytodaytoday t od ay t o da y
finally it’s on sale!!!!! Haha yahoo the start of sales woohoo!!! (Let’s all visualise my image….)
Everyone, No One album has finally released for sale !!
Please give lots of love everyone!!
Also, thank you to those who have always been supporting us F.Cuz hohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohoho
This mini album is different from Jiggy!! Several songs are included in it.
And it’s 360 degrees completely different from Jiggy!!!!! Ah no, a round of 360 is still the same..
180 degrees!!!! You can see our image change! Please give a lot of love!!

And the third piece of news!!!!!
Happy birthday LeeU Happy Birthday LeeU Happy Birthday Dear LeeU Happy Birthday LeeU
hoohoohoohoon!!! Ah hoon hoon hada** hoohoohoohoohoohoohoon!!!!!!!
Right away!! A while more it’ll be our chaotic guy!! LeeU hyung’s birthday !! jjakjjakjjak!!!!!
Do write a lot greetings for our LeeU hyung!!
Let’s all wish him a happy birthday!!!! Woohahahahaha
Also, put LeeU’s picture on your table at home and cut a cake together… (I tried before..)
Sorry.. Anyway please give lots of love for our mini album No One!!
LeeU hyung happy birthday!!!!! And lastly !! Jinon hyung recover soon !!! ㅜㅜ
Well until now, it was kakakaka k a k k kakakakakan
well then bye everyone hehe
P.S – To let everyone laugh I wrote a mess.. if the response is good, I’ll continue in the next entry.. heut.

*At that point of time, they thought it was appendicitics but now it was confirmed that Jinon was diagnosed with diverticulitis
**hoon hoon hada – nice and warm (to suit his ‘hoohoohoohoon’lol)



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2 responses to “[TRANS MSG] From Kan! :D

  1. Yulia

    xDDDDDDD ajajajajaja kakakakakan =))
    What a weird message))))))) But it’s so cute ><
    xing, thanks so much for translating =********

  2. Eason

    Such a weird message from Kan, its so….childish!!

    ahahaha anyways, messages from them gives us more reasons to support them. Hope to read a message of LEEU’s Birthday xD

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