F.Cuz Jinon② “With T-ara’s Eun Jung…” Full Story

Credits: xing @ FCuzSG + anju1015@asiae.co.kr

No matter how you see, Jinon still has a strong built. Until the 1st year of Junior High, Jinon was a football player engaging in the activities, with England Premier League Manchester City youth club as his dream. Returning back from studying abroad would have a very outstanding capability, however, feeling the compulsive pressure in the athlete department, his parents hoped that he would enrol in the high school of arts.

“If I go to an academic high school, they would have predicted beforehand that I can’t study, haha. During performance test, because it was a period when I wasn’t interested in showbiz at all, I didn’t know what to do. On the day of exam, in front of the gate of Anyang High School of Art, under a completely unplanned situation, I memorised the longest dialogue in ‘Romeo’ for a few times before taking the exam. Fortunately, I passed.”

After enrolment, the place that he entered was ‘Black Box’, a ‘legend’ made by World Star Rain which was passed down to the dance team of Anyang High School of Art. With an outstanding appearance and dance ability, he had a name called ‘Anyang High School of Art’s Kwon Sang Woo’ there. He even became a famous celebrity in the school. At that time, he became best friends with Yong Jun Hyung of the group BEAST, going for auditions together, dreamed to become singers.
‘Anyang High School of Art’s Kwon Sang Woo’ and ‘Original Kwon Sang Woo’ met face-to-face for the first time during 2009’s ‘Cinderella Man’ drama. Because Jinon resembled him and also whom became famous through 2005 SBS ‘Truth Game’, the ‘real’ Kwon Sang Woo could recognize him too.

Kwon Sang Woo took a glance of him, and expressed in acknowledgement, “So the friend who looked like me is you.” Jinon, feeling happy on the inside, Kwon Sang Woo told him some penetrating words.

“Do not just keep saying that you look like Kwon Sang Woo. Looking like me isn’t a plus. You have to find your own charm, putting the victory above you then you will clearly receive the merit.”

As if wanting to hide but yet getting caught, the face turned red from embarrassment. Although the words are sharp and hurtful, but after listening to this piece of advice full of affection, to him, it was like a medicine which could not even be paid using money.
Once, filming SG Wannabe’s ‘Gashiri’ MV with ‘Pink Scandal’ T-ara’s Eun Jung, they became closer.

“At that time, I was preparing for Supernova. Eun Jung was preparing for T-ara. We spent 7 days and 6 nights filming at Hwagaejang. We shared our worries and tough moments, even the staffs thought that the both of us looked compatible and told us to get together. But if we were to date, we could have dated long ago, haha. Now our relationship are really like brother and sister.”

Jinon is just like the nickname, ‘well-rounded person’. Being a DJ for a day at the MBC radio “Park Kyung Lim Starry Night” and acting as Yoo In Young’s suitor in MBC ‘A Man Called God’, he has the most activities among the team members.

“After the first activity, there were a lot of negative criticisms on the net. Although I was very worried, but won’t it be even disappointed if I didn’t receive any? Haha.” Showing a frank image, Jinon continued, “Be it singer or actor, I want to keep on walking. And I want to walk on together with us F.Cuz members, who are like brothers.”

Awww, I teared while reading this article.. Our very good leader indeed. 🙂


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