F.Cuz LeeU does not want Taiwanese fans to waste money.

source: showbiz chinatimes
translated by: xing@F.Cuz Singapore

In the past, it was always the fans who were giving the presents. However, after Korea’s “pretty boys” rookie group F.CUZ signed to Taiwan’s Seed Music, instead, main vocalist LeeU who will be celebrating his 21st birthday on 20th March, doesn’t want noble gifts but hopes that the record company will hold a “Birthday Celebration Greetings” event. He will also pick 5 creative messages written by the fans and giveaway his autograph as an appreciation.

LeeU revealed through the agency that he hopes everyone will not waste money this year, but instead, leave him a message. Seed Music will organise this message event at their official site until 19th March, 23:59PM, and to have a Seoul interpreter to translate all the messages next, and then send them to Seoul to let LeeU read for himself.

Wanting the idol to favour the fans’ messages, several fans even expressed themselves in Korean. Besides wishing LeeU a happy birthday, they also wished for him to work harder in learning Chinese. There are even messages from Malaysian fans , hoping to see F.CUZ to perform overseas.

Awww~ We have such a kind and considerate LeeU! 😀 *hugs*

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