[NEWS] F.cuz’s transformation for Mini Album "No One"

Credits: MiMi @ FCuzed + Asiae News + Sports Chosun

F.cuz’s new song will be called “No One“, and they have just recently finished filming the Music Video in Ilsan. The composer of “No One” is the same composer that made hits like B2ST’s Mystery and Untouchable’s 가슴에 살아 (Live in my heart). “No One” is a song about the story of a man after his breakup. This song will be intense yet impressively trendy, filled with electronic beats.

The brand new mini album “No One”, which contains brand new songs by F.cuz, will have a 180 degree change from their previous single “JIGGY“. Their image will also shift to one that’s more masculine and more charismatic. Kan, for one thing, had his hair dyed to blond/silver, and Lee U also got rid of his cute image.
JIGGY” was a youthful song with a cute and sporty feel to it, but their new song “No One” will be more intense and manly.

The music video is directed by the same director of Seo Tae Ji’s “Juliet” and Wheesung’s “Insomnia“. The music video will also be very stylish. During the promotion of “JIGGY“, due to the concept itself and Kan’s injuries, F.cuz didn’t get the chance to demonstrate much. But in “No One“, the choreography is said to be very powerful and strong, allowing the members to show off their dancing skills.

I hope their new mini album song would be a good hit compared to “Jiggy” or even better than “Jiggy”! Don’t you hope for that too, F.Cuz fans? 🙂

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