F.cuz lands major contract with Taiwan Seed Music

Credits: allkpop

F.cuz fans are going to have more than just a March comeback to look forward to – it’s been announced that this new boy band has signed a major contract with Taiwan Seed Music, a major record company also behind stars likeVanness Wu of the famous drama Meteor Garden(Taiwan’s Boys Over Flowers), Kenji Wu and Michael Wong. Even though many groups have promoted and performed in Taiwan, this is the first time that a Korean group has signed with a Taiwanese record company.

CAN&J Entertainment has revealed that F.cuz’s promotions and management in the China regions will be led by Seed. Seed is also known to manage concerts and mobile promotions for groups as well. Things are scheduled to kick off next month, with F.cuz’s digital single album JIGGY hitting stores in Taiwan on March 8.

F.cuz is already dominating Seed’s website with the main header photo rotater; the members even give a short message in Mandarin Chinese in the MV section. Check out Seed’s website here!

Although many groups decide to branch overseas only after their establishment on the Korean music scene is clear, it looks like F.cuz is shooting to go international pretty early on. Best of luck to them!

OMG! Thats great news for them! And i can see them on Taiwan channels soon! Yay! I’m happy for our Taiwan friends there too!


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