[TV Daily] Overseas Fans Craze: F.Cuz Fever

Source: TV Daily

Credits: fcuz.co.kr + ENG Trans-focusedfcuz

New boy group F.Cuz is already getting hot from the reaction of foreign fans.

In the past 8 days, F.Cuz’s newly released digital single ‘Jiggy’ has fans around the world from U.S., China, Taiwan, Thailand being the boys doing covers of the cheoreography. The videos are all posted on the Youtube Community.

‘Jiggy’ is placed under the genre of Bubble Gum Pop because of the dance, song and name. Thus it’s named as the Bubble Gum song.

Overseas Fans dance and sing to ‘Jiggy’. They also say that “Korean songs are really good.” and “I want to visit South Korea to see F.Cuz.”.

Overseas Fans like ‘Jiggy’ because of the repetetive lyrics and choreographed dance. Those who like songs like ‘Jiggy’ also liked Wonder Girls ‘Tell Me’ and ‘Nobody’.

F.Cuz : “We did not know there are so many overseas fans watching us, and giving a name for our dance genre. This makes us more passionate and we hope to see more overseas fans in the future.”

Meanwhile, today F.Cuz will decorate Music Bank’s stage today at 6.30PM KST. And later at 10.30PM KST, they will also have a broadcast at iTV radio  (iTV FM 90.7MHz).

And tomorrow 8.00PM KST at Seoul Lotte World, they will be recording radio broadcasts at ‘Music Punch’ (FM 101.9MHz). They will have another broadcast lasting 10 minutes on SBS Inkigayo, 31 Jan 2010 4PM KST.

Do tune in to watch their shows! 😀 Or wait for youtubers to upload them! :DD

“Get get getting Jiggy~~” *dances* I agree with the overseas fans who were interviewed! :DD

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